The Mythical Allure of Smart Drugs

The time for nootropics is at hand.  The word comes from the Greek words “noos” and “tropein” which, respectively, mean “mind” and “towards.”  It was coined by Corneliu Giurgea in 1972 to describe a new class of compounds, the attributes of which act selectively “towards” the “mind.”  Developed by Corneliu in 1969, Piracetam was the first of the now extensive family of brain enhancers known as “Racetams.”  These nootropics are safe and effective when used as directed and will make a remarkable difference in the quality of your life.  All Racetams are able to cross the blood-brain barrier to act directly upon the brain.
It seems today that entrepreneurs are reaching for your hard-earned money by promoting various herbal combinations and basic (read: cheap) nootropics and charging plenty of money, while making outrageous claims.   I recently clicked on an Internet offer and found the slickest sales campaign I have come across in some time.  It show what happens when Internet marketers get their hands on something.  This same product is offered with two narratives for two different audiences.   This page is over-hyped and geared towards those who are seeking herbal supplementation:   Neurolit* 1,  while this page lists only the efficacious ingredients and is geared to those who seek nootropic supplementation: Neurolit* 2.  Please note that they are using two sales tactics to sell this product to two different audiences, BUT IT IS THE SAME PRODUCT!   It is interesting to note that is a “parked” web page that is owned by someone else.   The company offering the product by this name cannot even be bothered to purchase the web page (which is for sale – “make offer”) that properly represents it!
Yes, Neurolit* is a legitimate product but it cannot come close to their exaggerated presentation.  Along with some science, they present hype with a never-ending “Hurry, Only 96 Trials Available Today” and a pulsing “RUSH MY ORDER” button in red.  Neurolit* contains Ginkgo Biloba, Taurine, B-12, and Bacopa Monnieri – all fine herbs (hey, let’s see what this one does?) along with L-Theanine, Caffeine, Alpha GPC, and GABA.    Note, once again, that these two lists of ingredients are NOT cross-mentioned in the previous pages.
Neurolit* says 30 capsules are a 30-day supply and the capsules are probably #00 size.   A little math tells you that they are putting the minimal daily recommended dosage of efficacious ingredients in each capsule – at best!  Nowhere on their web pages do they give you the exact ingredient amounts.   This is a nice (basic) blend for specific qualities you may wish to experience (calm  alertness) but the cost is exorbitant.
I highly recommend “Caffeine+” by Gnutropics.  It has L-Theanine for soothing the Caffeine jitters but it also provides Sunifiram for focus and clarity.   AND . . .  it costs less than half of Neurolit* and you order it when you want it.  Gnutropics will never try to promote our profit  under the guise of convenience for you.  You see, after your “free 30-day trial,” with Neurolit*, you encounter the following:
 Subscription – Customers enrolled for a Subscription will automatically receive a 30 day supply of the Product approximately every 30 days, without any further action on your part. As consideration for each 30 day supply, we will charge your credit/debit card the retail purchase price amount of $99.99($95.00 + $4.99 Shipping & Handling) beginning on the 30th day from the order date and every 30 days continuously thereafter until you choose to cancel your Subscription in writing.
How about that?  $100.00 a month for the most basic herbs and entry-level nootropics.  Here is a screenshot of their purchase page where they attempt to scare you into a hurried purchase with the following message, just in case you were having second thoughts:
The 02:42:95 was counting down my “remaining time” to take advantage of this “special offer.”  Rest assured their stocks are sufficient and the clock never runs out.
Gnutropics will present weekly blog posts here, any of which you are welcome to comment on.  We promise not to run a litany of complaints against those who might be perceived as our “competition,” but we wanted to start out by showing that Gnutropics emphasizes customer awareness and value over profit and marketing.
1)     We offer a selection of products designed to address specific needs (along with the standard FDA disclaimer).
2)     The ingredients are purposefully combined.
3)     We only include what is necessary for efficacious results.
4)     We tell you how much of each ingredient is included, and . . .
5)     We provide links to additional information for your education and research.  We want you to know – everything!
Next week, we will address the topic: “What ‘Smart’ means to me.”  Obviously, this answer is different for everyone, but the hope is to stimulate you into thought about how you might behave “smarter” and what (self-imposed) limits or restrictions get in your way.  Sometimes, just acting smarter will get you where you need to go, with no need for enhancement.  Other times, you may decide to address a personal attribute (or lack thereof) with a nootropic blend that meets your specific needs.  Thank you for reading and please check in on Feb 26th for our latest post.